team work

Productive group work is an essential part of your studies, here our top tips to help you succeed.

Our Guide to Online TV

We can watch whatever TV we want, when we want, what are the best TV streaming services out there.

TEF ratings

Universities in England are given TEF Gold, Silver or Bronze Classifications but what do these actually mean?


Want to travel Europe without breaking the bank on flights? An Interrail ticket might just be the cheapest way to do just that.

Uni is different to the sixth form

There are many differences between life in the sixth from and university, find out more.

choose the right uni for you

Selecting the right university is often a really difficult decision for students. Read our guide here.

Long distance relationships

Many students go to Uni with a long term boyfriend or girlfriend, hoping it will work out.

Revision Hacks

Revision may not be your favourite activity. Read Student Jungle's Revision Hacks to help you with your exams.

Do Not Trust Robots Image

We’ve all been there, read a story online and believed it to be true. The chances are unless it’s from a reputable news source the story could be fake.

Freshers Week

It’s Freshers Week! Here are a few do’s and don’t’s we here at Student Jungle learned the hard way so you don’t have to!