UCAS Points Calculator

UCAS Points Calculator

So you are planning to go to University? The next thing you will probably do is think about what you want to study and where you want to study it. Now is the time to have a think about the A-Level grades you are likely to get and then drill down your selections accordingly.  Remember you are far more likely to be accepted onto a course if your predicted grades are going to meet the selection criteria set out by the University and the courses tutors.

Here’s how the UCAS points tariffs works:


Grade A*  - 56 UCAS points

Grade A    - 48 UCAS points

Grade B    - 40 UCAS points

Grade C    - 32 UCAS points

Grade D    - 24 UCAS points

Grade E    - 16 UCAS points



AS-Levels are worth 40% of the tariff of A-Levels. Remember that universities will usually only count your full A-Level grade if you go on to to upgrade your AS to an A-Level in the same subject.


Grade A    - 20 UCAS points

Grade B    - 16 UCAS points

Grade C    - 12 UCAS points

Grade D    - 10 UCAS points

Grade E    - 6 UCAS points

Scottish Highers

Grade A    - 33 UCAS points

Grade B    - 27 UCAS points

Grade C    - 21 UCAS points

Grade D    - 15 UCAS points


Advanced Highers

Grade A    - 56 UCAS points

Grade B    - 48 UCAS points

Grade C    - 40 UCAS points

Grade D    - 32 UCAS points

To calculate your full UCAS score just simply add up all the grades, so if you are expecting ABC at A-Level then you will get 120 UCAS points!

Remember you can apply for up to 5 Universities/ Courses, so don’t be afraid to choose a course that requires a higher entry tariff as a stretch option for you. You never know you may exceed your expectations or get accepted onto the course as fewer people apply than the University expected.