What to do on A-Level results day

A-Level Results Day

Everyone dreads A-Level results day, as it’s one of those times in life when your fate can be sealed. If you have done well you can look forward to spending the next three years at your first choice of University. If you have done badly you are left to not only contemplate what went wrong but also what to do next.  Here’s our guide to what to do on results day.

If you have applied to University log onto UCAS Track

At 8am on results day you can log into the UCAS Track system, https://www.ucas.com/students  this will not tell you what grades you have achieved but will tell you whether you have been accepted at your first choice or backup choice of University. If you have got in then you can relax – your actual results must at least be close to the University’s course requirements. If you have not been accepted you will probably need to go through clearing, however before you do anything else you should collect your results.

Collecting your A-Level results

The speed you need to collect your A-Level results will depend on whether you have been accepted into a University or not. If you have got in, you have the luxury of going to your school or college at your leisure. Maybe think about going along with your mates who have also got into Uni. That way you can all have a laugh/ pose for selfies as you open your envelopes together. Even if your results aren’t that great you will at least have a Uni place secured. Or if you walked out of your school or college after your last exam vowing never to go back you don’t have to, the school/ college can post your results to you.

If you have failed to secure a Uni place you need to concentrate and get an action plan together. Firstly you should collect your results as soon as possible. Go on your own as you know you haven’t done as well as you needed to and seeing your friends posing for selfies as they open their envelopes will probably only make you more miserable.

Once you have your results – Clearing stage

Clearing is the UCAS system that enables Universities to fill remaining places, so if you haven’t secured a place you will need to enter clearing to try and get yourself a place at University.

Student Jungle’s guide to clearing can be found here.  

Results Day – After Party

Whatever your outcome on results day make sure you make time to relax and celebrate your achievements. A-Levels are amongst the hardest exams in the World. So even If you have just scrapped three E’s you should do something to celebrate the end of the process (if not the results themselves).

Go and party with your friends and family and enjoy your new freedom away from school or college. You will never have this experience again so enjoy it!