How should you choose the right Uni for you?

choose the right uni for you

Selecting the right university is often a really difficult decision for students.

With over 100 Universities and Colleges to choose from in the UK and literally thousands of institutions worldwide the decision can daunting. So here are some of our top tips to help you make the right choice for you.

What subject or subject areas do you want to study?

This is an obvious place to start with, once you have selected the type of course you want to study this will narrow down the search for you.

Think about what type of learner you are.

There will be little point in applying to Oxbridge or a Russell Group Uni if you are not academically minded; it is then more likely that a more vocational course offered by a new university is going to be a better solution for you.

What type of environment suits you?

If you don’t like the noise and hectic pace of life found in a big city you are probably best to opt for a campus environment away from the city centre. If however the thought of wide open green space makes you nervous you are probably better choosing a city centre location.

Is living at home an option for you?

I know that this may not be viable solution for everyone when thinking about going to university but over 20% of UK students do live at home whilst studying for their degree. If your parents live within easy commute of lots of institutions this could be an option for you.

Have a glance at the league tables and the Universities Teaching Excellence Framework grade (TEF)

Although league tables aren’t necessarily everything they do give you an indication about how the university has been ranked by independent organisations.

You should also look up your potential options TEF score. Universities are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze ratings based on the quality of their teaching you can find out more about TEF ratings here.