Rail travel - a smarter way to get around the UK

rail travel

If you are between 16 and 25 or in full time education a 16-25 rail card will get you up to a third off your rail fares you can also save on London Underground as well!

The railcard costs £30 for a year or £70 for three years. The average rail user could save around £190 a year.

If you’re in the sixth form the 16-25 railcard is an ideal purchase for all those university open day visits and is a total no-brainer if you are at university for all those trips back home or journeys around the UK to visit your mates at their unis.

In many cases the taking the train is quicker then driving and you help save the planet at the same time!

Our Top tips for saving money on your train travel

1 Buy a 16-25 rail card

2 Travel off peak – off peak train times vary depending on your journey.

3 Pre-book your tickets online at least a day before your journey and remember the earlier you book the more you could save.

Average journey times Train vs Car

Route Train  Car
London – Birmingham  1hr 49m 2hr 21m
London – Bristol  1hr 50m 2hr 19m
London – Cambridge  1hr 3m  1hr 34m
London – Cardiff  2hr 6m 2hr 51m
London – Edinburgh  4hr 43m  7hr 21m
London – Glasgow 5hr 6hr 47m
London – Leeds  2hr 14m  3hr 40m
London – Manchester  2hr 6m 3hr 36m
London – Newcastle 3hr 11m  5hr 11m
London – Oxford  1hr 3m 1hr 32m
Birmingham – Bristol  1hr 27m  1hr 46m
Birmingham – Manchester  1hr 29m  1hr 47m
Edinburgh – Aberdeen  2hr 31m  2hr 41m
Edinburgh – Glasgow  1hr 1hr 6m
Manchester – Glasgow  3hr 14m  3hr 30m