Is a long distance relationship at Uni possible?

Long distance relationships

Many students go to Uni with a long term boyfriend or girlfriend, hoping it will work out. Some couples even choose the same university to try and keep their relationship going.

A few weeks away at University tends to do away with sentimentally as the new reality sets in. Here are some common experiences students, who start University in a long term relationship discover.

You’re paranoid. Chances are your other half is also going to university that year. While enjoying freshers week yourself, you’ll notice just how flirty everybody gets when they have their own room to go back to, are they going home alone? Are you? Freshers week is a fun time and as much as you might think it will be a small bump in the road, every fresher survivor will tell you it’s no bump, it’s a sinkhole, and you’re headed straight for it.

You might feel like an adult and in serious relationship, but you aren’t and it isn’t. Any relationship made in school or sixth form college regardless of how long it may have been going on is puppy love.

Long distance relationships very rarely work out. You might think that you and your partner’s relationship is different and you have truly found a soul mate. However in reality University life will provide new experiences which will broaden your horizons and make you see yourself and other people differently. Frankly you grow up! At least one of you is going to want to meet new people and not be tied down.

So do yourself and your significant other a favour and end the relationship nicely before you set off to University. You will both enjoy your time at Uni more and can always get back together after graduation if you haven’t found anyone else.