Fitness hacks for sixth formers

Fitness in the Sixth Form

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the Sixth Form can be challenging. You are no longer subjected to compulsory PE lessons, so now have to organise your own fitness activities. This will be easier for some than others. For instance if you are a gifted Footballer you can play for a local club, and the club will tell you when to attend training and when your next match is. If you have no particular sporting talent you will have to fit your own fitness regimes into the week.

Do what suits you

Look at your new found freedom as an opportunity. What physical activities do you most enjoy? If it’s running then set aside time in the week to go for runs in the local park, perhaps consider taking part in a local park run. If you prefer your exercise indoors then join a local gym (or your college gym if it has one).

If you want to build up your muscles remember to seek advice from the staff at your gym. Certain heavy weights should only be used once you have stopped growing.

Make time

If you find it difficult to fit full blown workouts into your schedule consider other forms of exercise such as High Intensity Training (H.I.T). These sessions can be done in 5 minutes and can provide a very good cardio vascular workout.

You can also add exercise into your existing regime, by walking to school or college instead of catching the bus or driving.

Why bother

In addition to helping you stay healthy doing regular exercise has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety levels and help with concentration. So making sure you make time to exercise not only will make you feel better but could help your exam results too.

Remember not everybody is going to achieve a beautiful Instagramable body but you can be your best you.