Health and Wellbeing: Exam period hacks

Health and Wellbeing: Exam period hacks

Fortunately in the United Kingdom the majority of our exams are sat in the summer months, when the incidence of cold and flu is reduced. Even so it’s important to consider what you can be doing in the run up to your exams to stay healthy.

1. Exercise – although you may see time spent exercising as a loss of valuable revision time. Exercise can and should be used to break up your revision into more manageable chunks. Regular exercise during your exam period will help reduce stress and help you fall asleep more easily.

2. Sleep – we are not talking excessive sleep here, but make sure in the weeks running up to your exams, you start to build a regular sleep pattern, which you then maintain throughout your exam period. Regularly sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night will enable your brain to absorb as many of those crucial revision memories as possible, it will also ensure you are as alert as possible when sitting in that exam room.

3. Eat healthily – research has constantly shown that a balanced diet will help your brain function to its best ability, diets rich in leafy green vegetables, oily fish and nuts are known to benefit your brain’s focus.

4. Stay hydrated - you should ensure you drink lots of water and avoid sugar filled drinks such as full fat colas. Staying hydrated is particularly important as the exam often take place in the summer when you are likely to lose fluids due to sweating. Keeping your body hydrated will help your brain function better, vital during those exams.

5. Spend time with friends and family – being a loner can often lead to increased depression and anxiety, by socialising you are giving yourself a much needed break from Revision.

The exam period is an extremely stressful for everyone but by looking after yourself both physically and mentally you can help improve your exam performance. Remember this period only lasts a few weeks and you will have a long summer break afterwards to party and relax.